hit VERB (hitting; past and past part. hit) 1) direct a blow at (someone or something) with one's hand or a tool or weapon. 2) propel (a ball) with a bat, racket, etc. 3) accidentally strike (part of one's body) against something. 4) (of a moving object or body) come into contact with (someone or something stationary) quickly and forcefully. 5) strike (a target). 6) cause harm or distress to. 7) (hit out) make a strongly worded criticism or attack. 8) informal reach or arrive at. 9) be suddenly and vividly realized by: it hit me that I was successful. 10) (hit on) suddenly discover or think of.
NOUN 1) an instance of hitting or being hit. 2) a successful and popular film, pop record, person, etc. 3) Computing an instance of identifying an item of data which matches the requirements of a search. 4) informal, chiefly N. Amer. a murder carried out by a criminal organization. 5) informal a dose of a narcotic drug.
hit-and-miss — Cf. ↑hit-and-miss
hit-and-run — Cf. ↑hit-and-run
hit someone below the belt — Cf. ↑hit someone below the belt
hit someone for six — Cf. ↑hit someone for six
hit the ground running — Cf. ↑hit the ground running
hit it off — Cf. ↑hit it off
hit the nail on the head — Cf. ↑hit the nail on the head
hit-or-miss — Cf. ↑hit-or-miss
hit the road (or N. Amer. trail) — Cf. ↑hit the trail
DERIVATIVES hitter noun.
ORIGIN Old Norse, 'come upon, meet with' .

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